Here are just some of the benefits of using exPub's Real-Estate Module!

Listing properties for sale has never been easier! With exPub Real-Estate Module you can now manage your properies for sale or rent with only a few click. And, you can list the properties in any language without even knowing the language. More details about the real-estate module.

exPub lets you manage all your property information in one simple administration area

Your images are resized automatically when you upload them with no extra steps needed

Upload multiple images at the same time.

Organize property images with drag and drop ease.

Show the property location using Google Maps

You can add places of interest to the property and exPub calculates the distance for you.

exPub can support your choice of languages

Show prices in your choice of currencies using the latest currency rates from Yahoo Finance

Add property facilities easily and quickly grouped by things such as kitchen, bedroom, outdoors and others.

Add information about condo buildings and villages. Show all your listings for the development in one place.

Add a discounted price with a sales caption such as “Quick sale”, “This month only” or whatever text you choose.​

Site visitors can add their own listings, exPub lets you choose which ones to show on the web site.

Add different rental prices base on the rental period.

Contact Agent form can send a property enquiry directly to a responsible agent or to a general email address.

Of course this is just a taste of what exPub can do for you. Please contact us for more information.

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